Adult Repertoire

All participating choirs are required to provide original copies for their participating singers. For maximum efficiency, text, notes, and rhythms should be learned prior to arriving for the Festival.

2020 Repertoire

O Clap Your Hands, Vaughan Williams, ECS 1.5000
Neither Death Nor Life, Crutchfield, MSM, 50-9820
O God Beyond All Praising, Forrest, Hinshaw, HMC 2245
Come Dwell in Solomon’s Walls, Stroope, Morningstar, MSM 50-7068
Amazing Grace, Keith McCutchen, earthsongs, Amazing Grace
Bound for the Promised Land, Wilberg, Oxford, 978-0-19-386917-2

Pecknel Music stocks Festival anthems for us. When possible, they also offer discounts.
Pecknel Music Company
Luke Browder
Director of Print Music
1312 N. Pleasantburg Drive Greenville, SC 29607
1-800-868-2275 or 864-244-7881.

Repertoire from previous festivals